Elections in New Delhi

Why is everyone saying that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is going to lose Delhi’s election? 

I was in Delhi since last week and just can believe how political chit chat dominated a reception hosted by Sir Dickie Stagg, British High Commissioner, at his residence on Tuesday evening. I’m not referring to British politics and the fortunes of Gordon Brown, but firstly of Obama (who’s since won the contest) and secondly of Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi.


As per my knowledge and experience of Delhi, she’s done very well in her tenure of ten years. I can’t believe the change in climate – less smog and pollution, a brand spanking new metro network, the commonwealth games etc. For this reason, I just can’t understand why everyone is saying that she’s toast. Not one person has said that she’s going to win.


The challenger, Dr Malhotra of the BJP, has a good reputation and from what I’m told,  heralded some positive changes when he ran Delhi as a civil servant in the 50’s. Since then, he’s climbed up the political greasy pole and is the Deputy Leader of the BJP in the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. He’d make a good Chief Minister. His credentials are good. But, we also know that no matter how good a challenger is, the burden lies with the incumbent, it’s Sheila Dikshit’s election to lose. At least, that’s what political wisdom would suggest.


I can understand the reasons why Obama ran a campaign promising change, but I really can’t understand the basis of Delhiites demanding political change in their city.


Any ideas?

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  1. All the reasons you suggest have not been because of the Government. Less pollution is because the courts cracked the whip. Metro is a DMRC and Sreedharan miracle. Ms Dikshit had no apparent contribution to it, other than claiming credit.

    Ms Dikshit had a few problems to work on –
    killer blue line buses – action – nothing
    construction on the river bed – action – active connivance
    law and order – action – nothing, except, passing the buck to the centre, which, incidentally is the same party.
    power generation – action – nothing
    regular water supply – action – nothing

    In fact, on law and order, a female journalist returning from office was killed at three in the morning. Ms Dikshit advised women not to venture out at such odd times. As if at other times they are safe. Pathetic.

    Since you have been around for a short time and have been attending meetings with the British High Commissioner I can understand your confusion. You could just as well be blogging from Mars.

    This is not to say the BJP is a panacea.

    It is a choice between the killers of Sikhs and the killers of Muslims. Take your pick.

  2. That reply just shows why our country has miles to go. What is wrong with someone, anyone, coming into Delhi from anywhere, commenting about the change in the city?
    This is the kind of negativity that might suit the older generation but not the youth.
    Looking forward, I want to decide what is best for Delhi in the years to come. Others can sit and ponder about the years that have gone by. Somehow, I cannot relate to Dr Malhotra and his development of the 50s. What if the next time someone arrives in Delhi to find it looking the way it did three years after Partition? Nightmare!

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